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Headaches remedial massage

In the average person’s busy life, they can spend 8-10 hours a day, sitting at a desk and staring at a computer screen.  This puts a lot of physical stress on the body and the brain and can lead to neck and shoulder tension and pain.  It’s not unusual for this to be accompanied by a headache that can be quite uncomfortable, make it hard to concentrate and even bring you to a complete stop.

Fortunately, remedial massage for headaches can ease those tight muscles and eliminate unwanted pain and tension.  A remedial massage therapist can assess your posture and movement patterns to determine what causes your headaches and develop a treatment plan that’s specific to you.

There are different types of headaches and these are generally caused by different muscles.  For example, hunched shoulders causing tension in your trapezius and levator scapulae muscles will often lead to throbbing headaches behind your eyebrows and behind the ears.  Tight jaw muscles will often lead to tension in your sternocleidomastoid and masseter muscles will often lead to headaches in the temples or behind your eyes.

Massage for Headaches

That’s why remedial massage for headaches is more effective than the average massage as the therapist will spend their time working on the muscles that are being specifically effected.  They can also teach you different kinds of stretches and exercises to help you treat your own headaches in the future.

If you get regular headaches, a set of remedial massages can help to reduce your muscle tension and address some of the postural issues that may be causing your headaches.  They can also help to reduce any built-up stress in your system and allow your body to relax and heal.

So if you’re sick of getting headaches and you want an effective and drug-free way of reducing them, why not book in your own remedial massage for headaches so you can live your life the way you want to.

Centre 4 Health therapists provide the best Remedial Massage Caulfield has to offer. To book a remedial massage to help with your headaches, you can call us at 9193 2170 or book online here.

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Remedial Massage For Headaches

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