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Many people often ask us about the difference between a sports massage and a remedial massage.  The first thing to understand is that sports massage is a type of remedial massage that can be done as an entire session of sports massage or combined with other massage techniques as part of a remedial massage.

Sports Massage remedial massage

Sports massage is specifically designed to help athletes before, during and after training. It is helpful for anyone that wants to improve their performance, prevent any injuries or treat any sporting injuries.  It isn’t just for athletes but can be immensely helpful for anyone who does regular exercise or has a physical element to their work such as dancers or laborers.

Each sports massage is specifically tailored to different sports and activities, whether its for a professional athlete or weekend warrior.  Your therapist will talk to you about where you are exactly in your training program and how far out you are from your event in order to determine the appropriate techniques and pressure levels.

You can get a sports massage just before your event which will include lighter and faster strokes designed to stimulate your muscles, increase your circulation and flexibility, and give you mental clarity in order to help you perform at your best.

You can also get a sports massage straight after performing or training in order to help with your recovery.  This will help to flush out lactic acid build up, reduce post-exercise soreness, encourage blood flow to tight muscles and restore their range of motion.

Remedial Massage

Finally, you can get a deeper, firmer, training massage which should be avoided directly before or after an event.  This type of sports massage is designed to sort out specific issues you may have with your muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.  This strenuous massage will help to improve the way your body functions and help to recover from any injuries and restrictions you may have developed.  It may leave you sore for a day or two but will have the greatest benefit.

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