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1. Private one on one sessions

You receive attention on your own personal issues via one on one hands-on treatment with a practitioner.

Feldenkrais sessions are performed with the client fully clothed, usually lying on a table as well as in sitting and standing positions. At times, various props (pillows, rollers, blankets) are used to support your body or to facilitate certain movements.

This process of discovering new movements and refining old ones will allow you to move in more intelligent, effective and efficient ways, making everyday activities much easier.

2. What does a group class involve?

Once your one on one sessions are complete, you can continue the process of improvement with our group classes.

Feldenkrais classes involve lying, sitting or standing on a mat and following a verbally directed movement sequence. Each movement lesson addresses a functional movement skill such as bending over to pick something up or getting up off the floor with ease.

Attention is drawn to each movement pattern and through the process of observing and adjusting, you will learn how to make even the most difficult movements with quality and ease.