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I recently visited PCYC in St Kilda and it was unbelievable.

PCYC is a not-for-profit organisation mentoring young people of all ages and backgrounds. PCYC organise surf camps, walking, hiking and similar programs. Funding is through community support, government grants, donations, and gym memberships, which are open to the whole community. I was lucky enough to have the chance to attend a PCYC Parkinson’s boxing and cardio class while also chatting with the group about massage and how it can help everyone no matter what condition they are suffering with. I have been treating members for 2 years from PCYC that suffer from Parkinson’s Disease, and they have mentioned how fantastic PCYC is. So, I thought I would reach out! It was amazing to be a part of it, to say the least!

Brooklyn and Eugene are two amazing trainers that also specialise in Parkinson’s cardio/strength classes and much more! They are a dream team. To see their skill and support towards their participants is heart-warming. It was one of the best experiences I have had, to see such a supportive community and how happy all the participants were. You couldn’t wipe the smiles off the participants face if you tried and I can tell you if it was me working out I wouldn’t look that great! It was great to see and experience. PCYC is a not-for-profit organisation and need all the support and help they can to keep their gym up running. Their passion to help the community is outstanding. PCYC youth participants not only benefit from sports and exercise in the fully equipped gym, but PCYC also offers mobile activities that deliver around Melbourne.


How good is that?! I want everyone to get to know how great PCYC is and what they are doing is making a huge difference in the community.

As the team at PCYC take care of the community, we as a community need to take care of them! So, they can keep spreading all the good they do!! Get behind them, as we at Centre4 Health will be.