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It’s that time of year when the days get shorter and darker and we want to hibernate inside. But you know what? We aren’t bears so there’s no reason for us to hibernate until the weather gets warmer again. 

Many of us reach this time of year and the change in daylight can make us feel tired and sluggish and we often catch the latest bug that’s going around. With the cooler days comes a tendency to remain indoors where we come into closer contact with others who may be ill and our immunity can dip at this time of year to make us a little more susceptible.

winter food
So how can we boost our immunity?

General healthy living strategies are the only scientifically proven way to put our immune systems in the best position for the winter months.

  • Protect your body from environmental assault with adequate nutrition
  • Stay hydrated
  • Get enough and good quality sleep
  • Maintain good hygiene and wash your hands regularly
  • Reduce your mental load
  • Exercise regularly
What does this look like from a nutritional perspective?

Here are a few foods to add to your day to provide essential vitamins and nutrients to protect our bodies and maintain immune function.

  1. Choose Fatty Fish like Salmon to add Vitamin D, iron, selenium, B6 and zinc
  2. Nuts are a good choice of snack, ground to thicken soups, or chopped up and sprinkled over your oats to provide selenium zinc, iron, B6, vitamin E and copper.
  3. The humble Egg is a superfood in my opinion (throw out the goji berries!) and adds Vitamin D, selenium, iron, and B6.
  4. Brown Rice to provide folic acid, selenium, iron, and zinc. Add it to soups either whole or ground up or by itself in a buddha bowl.
  5. Our Leafy greens aren’t just for the summer months and are an important source of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and copper. Chop up and add to casseroles, soups, stir fry’s, smoothies, or continue to enjoy in a salad!
  6. Legumes add a great balance of protein and fibre to your diet as well as iron, copper, folic acid, and B6. Add beans, chickpeas and lentils to soups, casseroles, salads, and dips.
Leafy Greens in winter

You don’t need to be on top of the nitty gritty but adding these foods to your day will support your immunity in many ways. You will protect your body from oxidative stress, produce red blood cells, produce new cells, boost general immune function, promote DNA synthesis, and boost serotonin and melatonin production. This all leads to a healthier and happier winter.

If you need more advice about nutrition to support the shift to winter, book an appointment with our Nutritionist Amalie by calling 9193 2170 or book online here.

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