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Massage is often written off as a luxury (mostly because of the damage it can do to your wallet) – but the we know that getting treatments with us can make a major difference in performance.

But remedial massage also offers a lot of physiological and psychological benefits before, during and after your training runs.

Here are the top responses that happen to your body during and after a sports massage treatment.

  • Circulation helps the removal of metabolic waste products from within your exercised, and most likely tired, muscles.
  • Lighter, long flowing massage strokes, known as effleurage, help to relieve muscular tension without damaging fibres. This is ideal during the days approaching your marathon.
  • Enhances tissue permeability, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscle cells faster and remove waste products
  • Improvements in flexibility , this is going to help your biomechanics when it comes to running, loosening everything up so you can move the most efficiently
  • Sports Massage can help the breakdown of scar tissue. It can optimise your muscle fibres orientation following muscle remodelling and hard training periods.
  • Maintenance massages are a great way to identify and treat tighter areas before injuries occur
  • Having a lighter, pre-massage the day before or the morning of your marathon may help you to optimise your performance.
  • Deep specific pressure can be a great method to reduce and relieve muscle tensions. Some of these areas can be hard to reach using your own foam roller.
  • You get to relax. Sports Massage provides strong psychological benefits and is a time where you can reenergise, relax and rebuild the confidence to prepare for your next run. It’s a great way to take a break from the hard load of marathon training.


Remedial Massage enhances performance for any type of sport and gets the body back to a fully fuelled and functioning temple to take on any event coming your way!