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By Dr Jeremy Balbin – BHSc(Chiro), MClinChiro

I am a chiropractor. But my definition may differ from yours. This may be because I went to a different university to you, or I practice differently to you or your chiropractor, or maybe just that my understanding about chiropractic is based on actual facts and not public perception.

Dr Jeremy Balbin

I have been around chiropractic for much of my life. My mother had seen a chiropractor for 35 years and took me to see him too as a teenager up until I started studying it. After 10 years of receiving chiro care, 5 years of study and working at 3 different clinics, my philosophy and views on chiropractic has changed quite significantly. But now I believe they are at a point where I feel most comfortable, ethical and confident that I am doing right by each patient that walks through my clinic door.

The following piece was written by a chiropractor in the USA. I have taken inspiration from it and reworded it slightly to reflect my view of chiropractic and my philosophy.

I am a chiropractor.  This is what I do:

I do treat pain related to the spine, pelvis, nervous system, and all joints of the body.  I do not only treat back pain and neck pain.  I use rehabilitation exercises, active release, dry needling, massage and adjustments.  I am a chiropractor who rolls around on the ground to demonstrate exercises.

I do believe that the adjustment is a powerful tool, but it’s one of many and it’s not always appropriate.  I do not only use adjustments when treating an injury.  I am a chiropractor who believes that less-invasive is better than more-invasive.  I am a chiropractor who pays attention to research.  I am a chiropractor who pays attention to my patients.  I am evidence-based.  I am holistic.

I do enjoy working with those who want to heal quickly and are willing to be an active participant in their care.  I do not only treat sports injuries and athletes.   I am a chiropractor who makes you work.  I am a chiropractor who doesn’t want to see you week after week for months.

I do believe that chiropractic can benefit children, and my future children will have their first chiropractic check early in the life.  I do not only believe that chiropractic can benefit adults.  I am a chiropractor who thinks that we should get our bodies checked like we get our teeth checked.  I am a chiropractor who has been called a ‘body mechanic’.  I am a chiropractor who thinks anatomy is fascinating.

Chiropractor in Caulfield

I do agree that many patients can benefit from wellness/maintenance care, but this is not the case for everyone.  I do not agree that ‘once you see a chiropractor once, you have to keep going’. I do think that movement is a key ingredient to a healthy life. I am a chiropractor who thinks that you know your body better than I do.  I am a chiropractor who will find the source of the injury, not the symptom of the injury.  I am a chiropractor who will do my best to find a clear diagnosis and give you a careful explanation.  I am a primary care provider. I am a doctor of Chiropractic.

I do think that the chiropractic profession needs to do a better job of communicating to the public, so that patients can select a chiropractor that can best meet their needs.  I do not like that there is a great divide within our profession, leading to confusion surrounding what we can do.  I am a chiropractor who believes in a broad scope of practice.  I am a chiropractor who keeps taking courses to broaden my knowledge and abilities.  I am a chiropractor who thinks that chiropractic is not the answer for everything.

I am a chiropractor. 

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I Am A Chiropractor – By Dr Jeremy Balbin (Chiropractor)

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