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At Centre 4 Health, our Chiropractors believe there is much more to helping someone achieve their health goals than just adjusting their spine. While we acknowledge the importance of a healthy and functioning spine, we understand that to see all the benefits of treatment, a multi-faceted approach is key. Our Caulfield Chiropractor employs a number of different treatment techniques, assessments and types of advice in order to get the best results for each of our patients. Chiropractic is more than just an adjustment. These other treatment techniques include;

Soft tissue treatment

99% of problems are multi-faceted. No treatment is is complete without looking at the soft tissues (muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments) surrounding the joints. Including soft tissue treatment in your consult will vastly improve the adjustment’s effectiveness and your results.

Dry needling

There are many ways to treat a person’s soft tissues. A popular one is dry needling, which allows a deeper and heavier therapeutic response when required. Dry needling can help with those stubborn muscles that regular massage or soft tissue therapy can’t resolve and is a great alternative for people who are sensitive to massage. Conditions like tennis elbow and shin splints respond very well to dry needling too.

Chiropractor Caulfield Dry Needling

Adjustment-complimenting exercises

Your joints are there to facilitate movement. It is not their job to hold you up and keep you strong. Specific, individualized exercises (which will be generally prescribed for home) may be used in conjunction with adjustments and soft tissue therapy to ensure that not only are you strong and stable, but you also have the optimal movement patterns to support a healthy lifestyle and counteract the effects of certain lifestyle factors, such as sitting and looking down at your phone all day.

Extremity treatments

Your body works as one fluid system, rather than just individual parts. Looking at the body as a whole will yield greater results than just addressing the symptomatic area. We often find that problems originate in and area of the body, and as a result of compensation patterns, you develop symptoms in a different part of the body. We check all moving parts to ensure everything is functioning optimally and the problematic parts are addressed.

Lifestyle evaluation/advice

Most postural and movement problems arise as a result of our daily actions and habits. If you do not address these habits, problems will continue arising, despite receiving regular treatment. We investigate to try pinpoint areas in your life that may be contributing to your issues and give advice on what you can do differently. This can include things like how you are sitting at your desk / couch / car, your sleeping posture or your exercise form.

No two people are alike, and having many different treatment and assessment options in our tool bag allows us to care for many different kinds of conditions and tailor specific treatment plans to each individual. We believe that this approach to patient care makes us the best Chiropractor Caulfield has to offer!

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