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Acupuncture treatment for ivf
Struggling to conceive naturally?
Have you already started IVF treatment but failed?
Can’t tolerant the side effects associated with Follicle Stimulation Hormone (FSH) drugs?
Getting frustrated, feeling isolated, sad and confused with IVF treatment?

Whether you are planning to use assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF or IUI, or just want to conceive naturally, we may be able to help you fall pregnant through our unique and integrated approaches including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, diet and life style advice.

What are the reason for Infertility?

There are two different types of infertility; structural and functional.

Male Structural Infertility can include blockages in the tubes that transport sperm, a damaged urethra or undescended testicles.
Female Structural Infertility can include a blockage of the fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts or congenital defects.
Male Functional Infertility can include impotence, hormonal imbalances or sperm motility.
Female Functional Infertility can include irregular menstrual cycles, ovulation problems or hormonal imbalances.

If you have been trying to conceive naturally with no positive results for over 12 months it is important to get a thorough medical examination to determine any possible structural issues causing infertility.

Acupuncture is can be particularly helpful for those that have a functional rather than a structural reason for infertility.

How Acupuncture treatment for infertility works

According to traditional acupuncture theory, there are 12 energy channels called “meridians” running vertically along the length of the human body, each one linking to a specific organ. Health issues are caused by obstructed energy and blood flow through to certain points along the meridians. The energy of your body controls our development, ageing, and reproduction. Difficulty conceiving naturally may be due to blood and energy circulation problems or hormonal imbalance associated with ageing or stress. Acupuncture therapy can help you through stimulating blood and energy flow through the meridians and nourishing the body’s organs, therefore strengthen the body’s energy and adjusting the body to be balanced. It harmonises the body’s energy to influence the health of both the body and the mind, ultimately improve your ability to conceive.

What are the benefits of Acupuncture Treatment?
Acupuncture helping muscle pain
  • Acupuncture can be very effective at regulating a women’s endocrine system, balancing oestrogen and progesterone levels and subsequently her reproductive system.
  • Acupuncture can increase blood circulation to the pelvic area, regulate blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, prepare the uterus for implantation and improve the function of the ovaries, leading to better quality eggs and embryos, promoting follicle maturation and invigorating sperm (sperm count, quality and motility) so that the chances of conception are increased.
  • Acupuncture can relieve stress and improve your overall health and well-being, which is a key part of reproductive health.
  • Acupuncture can regulate the body’s organs and balance them. Once your body is regulated, it’s common to also experience the alleviation of other conditions including menstrual disorders, PMS signs and symptoms, endometriosis and other sources of pain and discomfort.
  • Acupuncture treatments can also help prevent miscarriage once you do become pregnant. Studies have shown that women who receive acupuncture infertility treatments also have lower rates of ectopic pregnancies.
  • When the cause of infertility is unknown, Acupuncture can be a very useful treatment to try, as there may be many subtle reasons which cause the infertility. Acupuncture is able to treat both the mind and the body at subconscious levels to address these reasons.
  • Acupuncture can minimize symptoms associated with Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatment.
  • Acupuncture can increase the success rate for woman who are undergoing IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). It can improve semen to create better quality and quantity of embryos and lessen the side effects of drugs used with IVF.
Acupuncture treatment for people who are trying to conceive naturally

Young couples who don’t have any structural problems should consider trying acupuncture before other more expensive fertility treatments. Acupuncture may be preferred over common infertility drugs or treatments, because acupuncture has fewer side effects.

Finding out that either you or your partner is infertile, or sub-fertile, can be very traumatic and you may experience extreme emotions that put stress on your relationship. Our Fertility Program addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of infertility. We understand that there are many subtle reasons which may cause infertility, and we’re able to treat both the mind and body at subconscious levels to improve your experience and chances.

Acupuncture treatment for people undergoing IVF

There is growing evidence that Acupuncture may increase the chances of success with IVF. Research suggests that IVF with Acupuncture increased the odds of ongoing pregnancy by 87% (according to ultrasound evidence of pregnancy at 12 weeks) and increased the odds of a live birth by 91% compared with IVF on its own.

Acupuncture before the transfer aims to prepare the uterus for implantation, also to calm your mind and settle pre-transfer nerves.

Acupuncture after the transfer aims to encourage implantation and prevent uterine contractions in order to avoid rejection of the embryo. It involves the use of a series of acupuncture points traditionally used for many hundreds of years.

We offers Acupuncture treatment, Herbal Supplements, Fertility Education and support to promote reproductive health and well-being.

We treat many women and couples who are at different stages on the path to pregnancy and birth. We offer a number of different programs for helping people getting pregnant.

How much treatment is recommended?
  • If you are trying to get pregnant naturally, we recommend Acupuncture treatments twice a week or weekly for 3-4 months. You can have acupuncture treatment alone or with Chinese herbal medicine as a supplementary treatment.
  • If you chose IVF to conceive, it is best to have an acupuncture treatment 1-2 times per week for three months prior to starting your IVF cycle, to allow the addressing of any health issues, lifestyle or environmental factors that may be affecting fertility.
  • Then continue treatments during the stimulation phase, on the day of embryo transfer and before transfer. Treatments are ideally done in the 24 hours leading up the transfer. Post transfer treatments are often done on the day of transfer but within the following 24 hours is also fine. If you have missed this preparation phase of acupuncture do not worry, acupuncture is still beneficial at any stage of the journey and we will tailor our treatment to accommodate.
  • The two week wait is usually a time of high stress, anxiety and sleep disturbances. Thus, acupuncture treatments are aimed to calm the mind, reduce stress hormones and provide emotional support for the patient. The treatment schedule involves 1-2 treatments per week.

For more information about Acupuncture, visit our Acupuncture Caulfield page, or you can make an appointment by calling 9193 2170 or booking online here.

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Acupuncture Treatment for Infertility

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