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By Emanuel Banakh – Remedial Massage Therapist

Living life stress-free can seem like a bit of a stretch, with so many of us being constantly bombarded by the stresses of our daily lives. During this bombardment, we find ourselves short on time but still strive to make time for the things we love. Yet a large number of us forget something we should love, respect and reward; ourselves.


Our bodies can take serious punishment and still operate at a high level, so it becomes easy to take for granted this highly effective machine of ours. Stress, however, has a funny way of slowly weighing itself on us until its physical manifestation feels like a literal weight on our body. We continue to operate with this weight because we feel we can and must. The stress becomes chronic and its weight is felt by every single system our body has; from our cardiovascular system to our digestive system, our nervous system to our muscular system, etc.

This weight at some point is not confined to where the stress was initially experienced, and it follows you around and invades your time that you put aside for the activities you enjoy.

So how can Remedial Massage help?

Taking a holistic and multi-factorial approach when dealing with stress is important and Remedial Massage can be one of the most effective tools when it comes to dealing with stress management and can help with lifting the weight that builds up from daily stresses.

Research has shown that remedial massage can help lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, depression and perceived stress, and increase vitality, general health and positive wellbeing¹.

can remedial massage help stress

Using the techniques available to a remedial massage therapist, they will assess and question you to get to the source of your pain and treat areas that are likely to be affected by chronic stress such as the upper/lower back and neck. During the treatment, it is not unusual to experience powerful emotions that may even remind you of stressful situations. Some say this is your body making a direct response to a stressful situation that it had ‘held’ on to and through the remedial massage experience, it is finally starting to let go.  With this specific and targeted treatment, coupled with post treatment care and advice that your remedial massage therapist will supply, a plan of attack on your stress has now begun.

So if you’re feeling the weight of the world or you just want to reward your body for all the hard work you have put it through, make a booking with us at Centre 4 Health, where our remedial massage therapists will make your session tailored to your specific situation to achieve the results you’re after.

To book a Remedial Massage, call us on 9193 2170 or book an appointment online here. You can also read more about Remedial Massage Therapist Emanuel Banakh here.

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1. P. Sharpe, H. Williams, M. Granner, J. Hussey, “A randomised study of the effects of massage therapy compared to guided relaxation on well-being and stress perception among older adults”, Complementary Therapies in Medicine (2007), doi:10.1016/ j.ctim.2007.01.004