Emanuel Banakh

Emanuel Banakh – Remedial Massage Therapist Caulfield

Emanuel Massage Therapist

After working as a tiler from a young age, Emanuel had seen how the constant hard physical labour was affecting the other workers on site as well as his own health.  He decided to seek remedial massage therapy to improve his quality of life and efficiency at work. After just one treatment, he was amazed at the difference soft tissue therapy could make and realized how poorly he had been treating his own body.

With a bit of research, Emanuel started practicing massage on his family as well as using his newfound knowledge to help himself. During this time, Emanuel discovered his talent for locating and treating soft tissue-related issues.  He would then go on to study for his qualification as a remedial massage therapist to help spread awareness of the human body and healthy functioning.

Emanuel has experience helping to enhance athletic performance as well as providing relief from the strains of sitting at a desk for extended periods of time. By utilising the arsenal of remedial techniques available to him, Emanuel creates a unique experience in his treatments that helps clients alleviate their aches and pains as well as finding improvement in their daily activities

On his days off from the clinic, you can find Emanuel coaching axe throwing professionally.

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