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What To Expect When You See Our Chiropractor In Caulfield

When you see a Chiropractor in our Caulfield clinic, you can expect the highest quality of individualised care, with tailored treatment specific to your needs.

We pride ourselves on our approach to patient-centred care. Our treatment styles are based on YOUR needs and preferences, rather than our desired style of practice. Other aspects of your experience that you can expect include:

  • A thorough history and examination. We use these to try get an understanding of what is the cause of your symptoms, examining your entire body for contributors, as well whether or not we can help.
  • Treatment on the FIRST visit (if clinically indicated). We want alleviate your pain and symptoms as quickly as possible.
  • Different types of treatment styles, determined by what you need, including, but not limited to; Manual adjustments, low force mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, dry needling and exercise therapy.
  • Exercises for you to do at home to help your treatment and recovery.
  • Lifestyle advice to targeting factors that are contributing to your health concerns.
  • Advice on on posture and form for work and leisure.
  • Referral to other health care practitioners if needed.

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