Valery Topaz

Valery Topaz – Manual Therapist Caulfield

Valery Topaz Manual Therapist

Valery Topaz is a qualified and experienced manual therapist and restorative movement therapist. By focusing on the analysis of posture and movement, Valery is able to tailor the best treatment plan that will help people return to being pain-free and fully functional.

Valery had a pretty active childhood and adolescence that included regular workouts, hiking, karate, and down hill biking. Combined with a fascination in the function of the human body and the human being as a holistic whole, a lifelong journey in exploring movement, pain and well-being had begun.

In 2012, Valery finished her Myotherapy studies in Israel and set up her practice, ValTherapy Clinic. Over time, it became a caring home for several sports teams as well as individuals suffering from chronic and acute pain. With a great love of bringing people together and helping them achieve their goals, the clinic offered lots of workshops run by Valery and other teachers, as well as offering community services and teaching new skills to practitioners. She furthered her education and skills by adding many degrees throughout the years, including various Osteopathic techniques, Anatomy Trains Structural Integration, Fascial Release (FRT), Lymphatic Drainage, Restorative Movement and Natural Foot Health approaches and methods.

In 2018, Valery moved with her family to the Netherlands where she practiced manual therapy and focused on fascial research and therapy in particular. In 2019 Valery and her family fell in love with beautiful Australia and moved to Melbourne. Since then, in her practice, Valery is mainly focused on biomechanics studies and related practices such as Nutritious Movement and TFC.

Valery can’t wait to help you reach your health and well-being goals. To learn more about what is involved with Manual Therapy, click here. You can book any appointment with Valery by giving us a call on 9193 2170 or booking online here.