Centre 4 Health – Remedial Massage Offer

Remedial Massage Offer: 1 Hour for the price of 30 minutes ($70)

Includes: ♦ Thorough Case History and Examination ♦ Individualised Treatment

♦ Many Different Types of Massage Available ♦ Claim With Your Private Health Insurance


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Remedial Massage Offer


1 Hour For The Price Of 30 Minutes ($70)!


  • A Thorough Case History and Examination
  • Remedial Massage Treatment Tailored To Your Wants and Needs
  • Advice, Home Exercises and Stretches
  • Claim With Your Private Health Insurance
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What is remedial massage?

Remedial massage involves the systematic assessment and treatments of a person’s muscles and other soft tissues in order to recover from injury, assist in rehabilitation and manage pain.  The focus of these massages is to restore a person to healthy function through balancing muscle/soft tissue length, tone and tension.  This helps to return affected parts to their normal positioning, increase the flow of blood and lymph and remove blockages, damaged cells, adhesions and scar tissue that result from injuries and overuse.

A remedial massage therapist has a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology that assists them in determining the required treatment.  Before any treatment is done, a thorough assessment and consultation is performed to determine a client’s health status and suitability for remedial massage.  A comprehensive treatment plan is then formulated by the therapist who will select appropriate techniques with clinical expertise and apply them in way that suits the client’s needs.

A remedial massage is made up of several different techniques and styles that can be used in isolation or combined to suit each individual person’s needs.  These include:

Relaxation Massage Caulfield

This is the perfect treatment for anybody looking to treat themselves after a hard day’s work or in general need of some pampering.  This luxurious style of massage utilises slow, rhythmic strokes in order to help calm a person’s nervous system and help them let go of any unwanted tension.  A perfect gift for a special occasion, ask us about our gift vouchers!

Sports Massage Caulfield

Massage therapist in caulfield

A sports massage is designed to assist athletes before, during and after performance.  This massage is suitable for anyone who exercises that wants to prevent injuries, speed up their recovery, improve their performance or recover from a sports injury.  It involves quicker and deeper strokes and is a fairly intense style of massage.

Trigger Point Therapy Caulfield

Trigger point are hyperirritable bands of taut muscle, sometimes referred to as ‘knots,’ that cause pain and restriction of movement.  Trigger point therapy involves applying direct pressure to these spots in order to break them up, reduce muscle tension and relieve pain.

Stretching Caulfield

Stretches are an important element of a remedial massage as they improve flexibility, increase circulation and increase your range of motion.  Our therapists use a number of different stretching techniques including P.N.F, dynamic, isometric and active stretching.  We also help teach our clients how to stretch on their own.

Myofascial Release Caulfield

Moyfascial release focuses on working with the fascia, a thin substance that wraps around all our muscles and organs.  This technique involves slow, sustained pressure that dynamically stretches and tensions the fascia, resulting in decreased pain, improved circulation and better movement and flexibility.

Transverse Friction Massage Caulfield

Transverse friction involves applying deep pressure across muscles, tendons and ligaments (in a transverse direction) in order to break up any scar tissue and lesions that may have formed.  This helps to alleviate pain, enhances circulation and restores movement, whilst allowing the new tissues to be laid correctly.

Cupping Caulfield

This ancient Chinese technique involves placing cups on the skin to create suction.  Instead of focusing on meridian lines, remedial massage therapists use their knowledge of muscle insertions and origins to help alleviate pain and tension.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Caulfield

Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage that focuses on stimulating the circulation of lymph fluid around your body.  This rhythmic and gentle massage helps to speed up the removal of toxins and waste from the body, reduces swelling and boosts your immune system, a perfect complement for anyone going through a detox.

Pregnancy Massage Caulfield

Our therapists have extensive knowledge about pregnancy and massage requirements for each stage of pregnancy.  Our treatments help to reduce peripheral swelling, improve sleep, reduce muscle tension, pain and cramps and help calm the nervous system.  Care must be taken during the first trimester, but pregnancy massage is beneficial through the entire pregnancy unless recommended otherwise by your doctor.

Terms and Conditions:


    1. Only valid for new Remedial Massage patients or patients who haven’t had an appointment for over 12 months
    2. Only valid for one booking per person
    3. If you miss your appointment, you will not be re-offered the same offer.