Our Team

Joshua Balbin

Feldenkrais Practitioner and Remedial Massage Therapist

Feldenkrais Joshua Balbin

Having completed a numbers of years studying music and the arts, Joshua found his way into the Feldenkrais Method after dealing with reoccurring back, neck and shoulder issues related to his viola playing. After seeing the amazing results that Feldenkrais gave him, he was inspired to share the benefits with as many others as possible.

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Jonathan Distiller

BHSc(Chiro), MClinChiro


Jonathan Distiller Caulfield Chiropractor

Jonathan graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and was awarded the Sports Chiropractic Graduate award in his final year. Since then Jonathan has been in private practice and has further explored his interest in sports injuries and performance.

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Amalie Digby


Amalie Nutritionist in Caulfield

Hi! I’m Amalie and I am the owner of Lifespan Nutrition.  My mission in life is to heal people through bringing awareness to health and nutrition. I am a University trained Nutritionist with a focus on preventative nutrition and I love to inspire, motivate and empower people to feel well within themselves.

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Valery Topaz

Manual Therapist

Valery Topaz Manual Therapist

Valery Topaz is a qualified manual therapist. In her practice, she uses a combination of techniques such as massage, myofascial release, stretches, posture and movement tuning.

Valery has always enjoyed helping friends and family with their health issues and from a very young age, she intuitively used massage techniques to help them. This was the beginning of a lifelong journey in exploring health, pain and wellbeing.

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Emanuel Banakh

Remedial Massage Therapist Therapist

Emanuel Massage Therapist

After working as a tiler from a young age, Emanuel had seen how the constant hard physical labour was affecting the other workers on site as well as his own health.  He decided to seek remedial massage therapy to improve his quality of life and efficiency at work. After just one treatment, he was amazed at the difference soft tissue therapy could make and realized how poorly he had been treating his own body.

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Julia Rudakova

Naturopath and Functional Breathing Educator


Hi, I’m Julia, a qualified Naturopath, Functional Breathing Educator and founder of Oxygen Revolution. Growing up I struggled with bronchitis and respiratory issues. Later in life my health challenges led me to studying natural medicine and becoming a Naturopath in 2017. My second son had asthma and through that challenge I discovered functional breathing and I knew I had to integrate it into my Naturopathic practice. Now I help people with asthma, sleep apnoea, persistent coughs as well as anxiety, stress and sleep disorders.

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