Who can benefit from a consultation?

  • Are you struggling to make healthy choices?
  • Do you have a little one who is about to start solids or showing signs of fussiness?
  • Do you want to learn how to enjoy mealtimes whilst remaining healthy?
  • Are you confused about nutrition information in the media?
  • Do you want help modifying your diet to achieve sports and performance goals?
  • Are you looking for inspiration after making a dietary change?
  • Are you struggling to make dietary changes to support your ongoing health and wellbeing?

These are all questions that our Caulfield Nutritionist can assist with. She will provide expert nutrition advice for people of all ages with a focus on preventative nutrition. As a nutritionist, she provides nutrition education to assist you to achieve your health and wellness goals. Through her nutrition services you will be inspired to live your healthiest life & enjoy yourself in the process.

What is covered in a personal consultation?

  • Tips on identifying credible health information & where to go to find it
  • Health & Wellness information relating to your current situation and goals
  • Nutrition and Wellness goal setting
  • Allergy & Intolerance strategies
  • Current Nutrition and Wellness Assessment
  • Dietary Analysis
  • Non prescriptive Meal Plans
  • Fortnightly + Monthly Meal Plans

Children’s Consultations can cover:

  • Allergy & Intolerance strategies
  • Current Nutrition and Wellness Assessment
  • Making a major nutrition changes (e.g. conversion to a vegetarian diet)
  • Baby Led Weaning – getting started
  • Food aversions