Julia Rudakova

Julia Rudakova – Naturopath Caulfield

Hi, I’m Julia, a qualified Naturopath, Functional Breathing Educator and founder of Oxygen Revolution. Growing up I struggled with bronchitis and respiratory issues. Later in life my health challenges led me to studying natural medicine and becoming a Naturopath in 2017. My second son had asthma and through that challenge I discovered functional breathing and I knew I had to integrate it into my Naturopathic practice. Now I help people with asthma, sleep apnoea, persistent coughs as well as anxiety, stress and sleep disorders.

My passion lies in the foundation of health – functional breathing, herbal and vibrational medicine. My mission is to empower people who work with me to achieve their optimal health potential through practical tools and proven holistic methods.

Visit our Naturopath Caulfield page to learn more about Naturopathy and Functional Breathing Educator. You can book an appointment with Julia giving us a call on 9193 2170 or booking online here.