Joshua Balbin

Joshua Balbin – Feldenkrais Caulfield

Feldenkrais Joshua Balbin

Having completed a numbers of years studying music and the arts, Joshua found his way into the Feldenkrais Method after dealing with reoccurring back, neck and shoulder issues related to his viola playing. After seeing the amazing results that Feldenkrais gave him, he was inspired to share the benefits with as many others as possible.

Joshua has extensive experience working with artists, athletes, children, pregnant woman and the elderly. He specialises in working with mid life clients, focusing on allowing them to continue to do the activities they have done since they were younger and ensuring they enjoy a comfortable and healthy retirement in the future.

As a committee member of the Feldenkrais Guild in Victoria, Joshua continues to work towards furthering the method and spreading awareness of its benefits. He hopes to see Feldenkrais become a part of all physical activities in the future.

Joshua is a Certified member of the Australian Feldenkrais Guild.

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