Amalie Digby

Amalie Digby- Nutritionist Caulfield

Amalie Nutritionist in Caulfield

Hi! I’m Amalie and I am the owner of Lifespan Nutrition.  My mission in life is to heal people through bringing awareness to health and nutrition. I am a University trained Nutritionist with a focus on preventative nutrition and I love to inspire, motivate and empower people to feel well within themselves. Improving your health and wellness is about creating new and sustainable healthy habits whether it be a change you have chosen to make, or a change you have to make (or both!). Building a new habit can take time and planning and this is where many of us quickly lose our way.

In my experience as a Nutritionist, I see many clients held back by their own ingrained mental and physical habits and this is where a Nutritionist can help you to make some simple and sustainable changes.

Visit our Nutritionist Caulfield page to learn more about Nutrition. You can book an appointment with Amalie by giving us a call on 9193 2170 or booking online here.