How Feldenkrais Helps

No matter what stage of life you’re at, there always room for improvement. Most people spend their lives gradually wearing their bodies out whilst reducing the amount of physical activity they can do. Feldenkrais sessions offer the chance to break that downward cycle and start working towards a better quality of life.



The process


You’ll receive a unique and custom-tailored treatment that is developed to suit your issues. After an initial assessment, a course of sessions is usually created to suit your long-term needs (typically 3-5 sessions).


Through gentle hands-on contact, you are taken through extremely slow movements, which helps you to break out of habitual movement patterns and learn new ones.


There are no manipulations, quick adjustments, needles, deep tissue work or anything invasive.


Our Feldenkrais services can be rebated by your private health insurer!



The result?


Sessions are often likened to a gentle massage that leaves you feeling quite relaxed whilst the practitioner works subtly to make changes to your nervous system. At the end of your session, you feel lighter, taller and able to move with greater ease and comfort.



After your sessions, you could expect


  Improved balance and coordination, leading to less falls and accidents

  Greater flexibility and range of movement

  Less reliance on pain medication

  Increased feeling of independence and ability to continue lifestyle of choice

  Improved posture that leads to less pain and more easy movement

  Enhanced, healthier brain function

  More energy to do the things you want

  Reduced stress and anxiety

  Greater injury management and prevention .

Getting started has never been easier!


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